Podcast Junkie In The Making

Hey, y’all! Can you believe it’s Monday already? We had an insanely busy weekend, so I’m actually not mad to get back to my weekly routine.

It’s probably not a good thing that the workweek is calmer than our downtime, but hey, that’s how we roll.

So I’ve got a question, internets. Do y’all LOVE podcasts? I get that everyone receives information differently, but I’ve honestly never been keen on podcasts until recently.

It just seemed weird to me to be listening in on someone else’s conversation, and that’s coming from someone who is quite possibly the nosiest individual this side of the Mississippi.

Anyway, I’ve been getting into them lately because my Pandora channels have become boring and I’ve been too lazy to fiddle with the settings and add variety. Our local Christian radio station has a companion website that features a ton of great podcasts, so I started there and kind of expanded.

…And ended up with true crime podcasts in my collection, so don’t mind me and my dichotomous tastes.

Here’s a list of what I’m currently listening to:

Hope on Demand

Elevation with Steven Furtick

That Sounds Fun with Annie Downs

Young House Love has a Podcast with Jon and Sherry Petersik

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

The Ben Shapiro Show

Your Brain on Facts

Stuff You Missed In History Class

Crime Junkie

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

No links here since I have no idea where you get your podcasts and obviously would never presume to judge.

Spoken with tongue firmly in cheek, obviously.

So clearly my scope is as wide as a scope as you can get, but I’m actually finding myself enjoying podcasts and reaching for them as often as my musical selections.

Although you’ll never fully convert me from my throwback gospel choirs, y’all. Catch me every cleaning day with a full-on church service happening in my speakers and SEE IF I CARE.

But I’m always on the hunt for new ones and wanting to know… What are the cool kids listening to these days?

Happy Monday, friends!

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