From The Vault

Today’s post is a throwback to the original alohilana blog from way back in 2008, affectionately known as vault posts. It’s been edited for clarity and relevancy, but the message is timeless and worth revisiting today. It’s a rare feeling, honestly; I’m probably the wordiest person on the planet (hence, you know, the whole blogContinue reading “From The Vault”

From The Vault

Today’s post is straight from the old alohilana blog files (affectionately known around here as the vault). I find that these topics are circular in my life, and the meditations are timeless, so here we are, 14 years later, soaking in the same lessons. I hope this one speaks to you today! Have you everContinue reading “From The Vault”

Yoga and the Christian Faith

Is it already Monday, y’all? How did I blink and the weekend just flashed before my eyes? I’m really not sure, tbh, but I did, and it did, so here we are. Today I’m mulling over a pretty sensitive topic for most Christians, and it’s in response to a message I received about some ofContinue reading “Yoga and the Christian Faith”

From The Vault.

Today’s post is from the vault, posted exactly 14 years ago. It’s been edited for clarity and relevancy, but it’s deeply meaningful – and a quick read, so it’s totally worth the time. I hope it resonates with you like it does with me! I have to be real honest, y’all. I’ve learned quite aContinue reading “From The Vault.”

Calm Down, Girl.

Oh, man. There’s that feeling that wells up inside your body like a physical force, and you know, in that moment, it’s either going to manifest in the shrillest mom scream you possess or you’re going to gain control – barely – in enough time to angrily press your lips together, breathe deeply through yourContinue reading “Calm Down, Girl.”

Book Review: I’m That Girl

Whoa, y’all. Your girl blinked and it was THREE MONTHS IN the new year. But welcome to a new week, nonetheless! I hope you had a beautiful, relaxing weekend spent with the ones you love. I had one of those three things, and beautiful and relaxing weren’t it. Hashtag life of a mama, y’all. SpeakingContinue reading “Book Review: I’m That Girl”

My Girl Is 4!

Hey y’all, HEYYYY! It’s Monday and that means, well, it’s time to crank out another week of excellence, obvs. Today I’m struggling a little with my big mama emotions, though, y’all. My sweet little girl is 4 this month, and I’m absolutely reeling in devastation over how quickly it all happened. I know, I KNOW,Continue reading “My Girl Is 4!”

Podcast Junkie In The Making

Hey, y’all! Can you believe it’s Monday already? We had an insanely busy weekend, so I’m actually not mad to get back to my weekly routine. It’s probably not a good thing that the workweek is calmer than our downtime, but hey, that’s how we roll. So I’ve got a question, internets. Do y’all LOVEContinue reading “Podcast Junkie In The Making”

From The Vault

Coming at you from the vault today with a throwback post from 2009. Edited for clarity and relevancy, but the message still stands. I hope it speaks to you today! I need to be real honest, y’all, and this might come as a bit of a shock. There’s a lot of living that lifestyle blogsContinue reading “From The Vault”

From The Vault

This one’s from the vault, y’all! Edited for relevancy and clarity, but every bit as true as when it was published on the old blog back in 2008. It’s speaking to my heart today – and hopefully it speaks to yours, too. “If you greet only the people you like, are you doing any moreContinue reading “From The Vault”