Fostering Friendships in the Mama Years

Hey, friend! Hope you’re having a spectacular Monday! I’m staring down an insanely busy week and honestly just hoping I keep it all together until I get through it. Which is probably how I could describe my approach to a lot of things in life. I’m just out here wingin’ it like everyone else, y’all.Continue reading “Fostering Friendships in the Mama Years”

Tannin’ By Yo’self.

Hey, Monday. Could you stop sneaking up on me?!? I feel like I completely missed out on any sort of weekend because I worked a longer week than normal. My body’s all ‘hey, girl, we need an extra day before we jump into the pool again’ but my schedule’s all ‘WE CAN DO THIS’. SoContinue reading “Tannin’ By Yo’self.”

Yoga and the Christian Faith

Is it already Monday, y’all? How did I blink and the weekend just flashed before my eyes? I’m really not sure, tbh, but I did, and it did, so here we are. Today I’m mulling over a pretty sensitive topic for most Christians, and it’s in response to a message I received about some ofContinue reading “Yoga and the Christian Faith”

Calm Down, Girl.

Oh, man. There’s that feeling that wells up inside your body like a physical force, and you know, in that moment, it’s either going to manifest in the shrillest mom scream you possess or you’re going to gain control – barely – in enough time to angrily press your lips together, breathe deeply through yourContinue reading “Calm Down, Girl.”

Podcast Junkie In The Making

Hey, y’all! Can you believe it’s Monday already? We had an insanely busy weekend, so I’m actually not mad to get back to my weekly routine. It’s probably not a good thing that the workweek is calmer than our downtime, but hey, that’s how we roll. So I’ve got a question, internets. Do y’all LOVEContinue reading “Podcast Junkie In The Making”

Keepin’ It Clean – ADHD Style

Happy Monday, friends! How’s your February going? Is it trying to be spring there, too? Because warm weather keeps cropping its head up around here, and I, for one, am not okay with that. I’m ok with springtime and all its newness and fresh promises, really. I just wish we could hang onto sweaters andContinue reading “Keepin’ It Clean – ADHD Style”

Working Out… With Your Kid

Happy Monday, y’all! We’re right in the middle of what can only be considered the dog days of winter. Some folks might be dreaming of summer sunshine, but there are equally passionate people who stubbornly insist that winter should stick around forever because sweaters and snuggling are LIFE. Hi there, hello, you can just callContinue reading “Working Out… With Your Kid”

Fashion Friday (1/7/22)

Hey, y’all, heyyy! I bet you are over there absolutely killing your new year’s fitness resolutions, aren’t you? I see you. Got your spandex on, carrying that hydroflask you borrowed from your kid. I mean, she’s totally going to melt down about it later, but you’ll remind her that it was bought with your money,Continue reading “Fashion Friday (1/7/22)”

On Grieving in the Middle of Seasonal Joy

Most of the time, it’s a dull ache tucked into the back of your heart. There are moments, though, that it’s a searing, blazing pain every bit as breathtaking as the day it entered your life. Grief is powerful. It sweeps in when you’re not expecting it, when it doesn’t even make sense to beContinue reading “On Grieving in the Middle of Seasonal Joy”