Fashion Friday (3/11/22)

Hey y’all, HEYYY!

It’s one of my favorite days of the week, not only because hello weekend, but because Fashion Fridays are the perfect excuse to shop.

It’s all experimental, you understand, which totally makes it science.

For science.

Today I have a question burning in my head, though, and while it’s kind of shopping-related, it’s actually a little deeper than that. What I need to know is do people wear band tees because they’re cool, or because they actually like the band?

I mean, I hate to be all ‘back in my day’, but really, y’all, back in my day you got a band tee at said band’s concert. Probably had the tour dates on the back. Maybe, if you were really lucky, a scribbled autograph or two.

But you could belt out all their hits with wild abandon because, well, you were into the band, and you wore that shirt with pride.

But now? I cannot tell you the number of Nirvana and Metallica shirts I see on kids who are 100% too young to have ever attended a concert and almost certainly couldn’t tell you the title of their biggest hits, much less sing it word for word.

Maybe it’s different for us old people because we had the cassette tape inserts and therefore a distinct advantage to memorizing the lyrics.

But in all seriousness – is this a real thing? Are we actually repping for the band, or are we just making a fashion statement?

For those folks who are Christ followers, is there even more to consider when you make a fashion statement that endorses a group or organization that you may not even agree with?

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got a few band-related shirts, but I’m careful about which ones. And I even have a band-related shirt which is probably my favorite ever:

But seeing that country music is pretty much standard where I live, this isn’t so unusual.

What do y’all think? Am I overthinking this per usual, or does it seem weird to anyone else?

Have a great weekend!

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