Hey, y’all!

I’m Rachel, and I’m the one hanging out behind the keyboard here at the alohilana blog. I’m mama to a 4-year-old girl full of sass and spice, a born and bred Texan, a chocolate connoisseur, and lover of Jesus.

The alohilana blog started out as a journaling project way back in 2008, but faded almost completely away a few years later. Life as I knew it changed rapidly and dramatically over the next several years, and sharing those changes – and honestly, even keeping up with them in real life – became challenging.

But I loved this little blog and all three of my regular readers (HEY, MOM!) so I kept coming back and drafting posts that never felt right. And 14 years later, we’re here. The blog has evolved from strictly devotions and inspirations to lifestyles of the not-rich and not-famous. That’s me! That’s my wheelhouse, right there. So if you’re into random posts about cooking and weight loss and travel and mom fashion and parenting and decorating and Christmas and real-life with a side of OMG – welcome. You’re gonna love it here.

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