More Spring-ness!

Oh, yeah.

I bet you thought you were done with the spring decorating madness going on around here, didn’t you?

Well, it’s Monday, and I’ve spent the whole weekend festooning my house with all things bright and spring-y, so I thought it would only be fair if I went that little extra mile or twenty and updated my phone wallpaper.

To something bright and spring-y, naturally.

Join me in a quick little roundup of phone décor loveliness, won’t you?

This one from Me & Mary is sweet and simple. Check out the shop for some beautiful prints and hand-lettered pieces!

Love and Specs totally knocked it out of the park with their spring florals set. I mean:

Seriously, their floral set is good stuff. There are 8 different options on the link above, and honestly I like all of them so much that I couldn’t pick and downloaded them all.

I know.

It’s a problem.

A light and bright design from Rooted and Grounded, and I absolutely love this reminder.

If a fun pop of color is your thing, check this one out!

This one from Prone To Wander Los Angeles is simple and beautiful, just like so many of their Christian art prints.

See? See what I mean?

Breathe it in, y’all. I may be firmly attached to my sweaters, but I can appreciate the fresh brightness of spring just as much as the sweeping winds of winter.

Happy Monday!

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