Seasonal Decor – Patriotic Edition

Welcome to Monday. May your coffee and your patience be strong today, friends. Since we had a little fun with summer vibes last week around here, I thought right about NOW would be a great time to talk about seasonal décor during the summer. Summer’s kind of a weird time for seasonal décor. We’re allContinue reading “Seasonal Decor – Patriotic Edition”

Decorating All The Things… Summer Edition

Hey, yo, Monday! It’s nice to see you again. Spoken with tongue firmly in cheek, because honestly, who out there is really excited to give up their weekend for a regular ol’ workday? Not me, I can assure you. It’s ok, though, because THIS Monday brings a whole slew of color and sunshine to theContinue reading “Decorating All The Things… Summer Edition”

More Spring-ness!

Oh, yeah. I bet you thought you were done with the spring decorating madness going on around here, didn’t you? Well, it’s Monday, and I’ve spent the whole weekend festooning my house with all things bright and spring-y, so I thought it would only be fair if I went that little extra mile or twentyContinue reading “More Spring-ness!”

Spring it UP.

Hey, yo, Monday, you came around QUICK! I hope you had an amazing weekend and stopped to sniff the roses and not the ragweed, which apparently LOVES the climate here in coastal south Texas. Got our allergies KICKIN’, y’all. Anyway, no sniffly nose is keeping me from this week’s project – updating my décor forContinue reading “Spring it UP.”

Decorate Your Phone Because It’s FALL, Y’ALL!

Hey there, HEY! I’m so excited about today’s post, y’all. I know that YOU know that I’m a fan of the fall and winter season, and I’ve been decorating and dressing for the season for longer than is socially acceptable or, you know, COMFORTABLE because it’s still hot as blazes down here in south Texas.Continue reading “Decorate Your Phone Because It’s FALL, Y’ALL!”

Spring Decoratin’

I know this is going to sound crazy, but y’all, spring kind of makes me sad. It’s like reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, I guess, but I’m positively morose when we ‘spring forward’ our clocks. You know what that means in south Texas? It means we’re rolling on up to the season of mosquitoes and temperaturesContinue reading “Spring Decoratin’”

Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!

Cue the dramatics, y’all. My baby is TURNING THREE. And my mama heart is crying a little. I swear, it happened before I even had time to finish blinking. Seasoned parents warned me about this when she was born, but nothing could prepare me for how quickly she went from my giggly, bubble-blowing, bald babyContinue reading “Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!”

Happy Fall, Y’all!

I’m going to just jump right in here and say that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. I mean, most people do, but I really, really love the holidays. Like, I decorated for fall at the end of July. My Christmas decorations are up by Halloween. I REALLY LOVE THEM, y’all. As extreme (and early) as myContinue reading “Happy Fall, Y’all!”