More Spring-ness!

Oh, yeah. I bet you thought you were done with the spring decorating madness going on around here, didn’t you? Well, it’s Monday, and I’ve spent the whole weekend festooning my house with all things bright and spring-y, so I thought it would only be fair if I went that little extra mile or twentyContinue reading “More Spring-ness!”

Decorate Your Phone Because It’s FALL, Y’ALL!

Hey there, HEY! I’m so excited about today’s post, y’all. I know that YOU know that I’m a fan of the fall and winter season, and I’ve been decorating and dressing for the season for longer than is socially acceptable or, you know, COMFORTABLE because it’s still hot as blazes down here in south Texas.Continue reading “Decorate Your Phone Because It’s FALL, Y’ALL!”

Hey, Yo, iPhone!

Y’all remember when everyone with an iPhone was going crazy a few months ago with iOS 14 and the Shortcuts app and making their phone screens look super cool? And then Android users were like ‘we had that in 2015, y’all are lame’? And then the rest of us who own really old iPhones thatContinue reading “Hey, Yo, iPhone!”