Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!

Cue the dramatics, y’all.

My baby is TURNING THREE. And my mama heart is crying a little.

I swear, it happened before I even had time to finish blinking. Seasoned parents warned me about this when she was born, but nothing could prepare me for how quickly she went from my giggly, bubble-blowing, bald baby to a pig-tailed BIG GIRL.

As my firstborn and the first girl in our family after FIVE BOYS, her birthdays are a big deal. Our family is fairly conscious of equity among our babies. As a blended family raising nephews together with our own babies, my sister and I made a decision years ago to keep birthdays fairly standard. Not a single one of our babies is more precious than the other; we celebrate each of them in a similar way, which means a family birthday party with the child’s favorite meal and a gift formula.

You know.


A certain way we buy gifts, and a certain number of gifts from our family. We use the oft-repeated Christmas gift formula ‘something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need’ for birthdays and it works well for us.

But that doesn’t mean mama can’t get fancy, and I have thoroughly enjoyed designing her parties around themes. Everybody gets a theme, of course. But no one else gets SO MANY SPARKLES.

I decided to go with ‘Peachy THREE’ for her birthday theme this year. I’m decorating in shades of blush and ivory, and naturally, I’m struggling to control myself.

Because they’re family parties, we usually don’t have to plan games or gift bags or photobooths or any of the other over-the-top features that every Pinterest party has going on, which is GREAT. I could overdose on the details if that were even a physical possibility, y’all, so knowing that I can have fun with her theme without the pressure of performing is a breath of fresh air.

Anyway. That brings us to now. Our family has grown considerably with the blending of our spouses’ friends and families into our own, so EV’s party is considerably larger than past parties. Which means CUE THE PANIC because mama’s been on Pinterest and now we need ALL. THE. THINGS.

Here’s what I’m thinking for our sweet peach’s 3rd birthday!


I’m keeping it simple with the menu because we’re doing an afternoon party, rather than an all-night bender for our newly three year old. Also, because my plan is to avoid being up until 3AM cleaning after the party.

Not that I won’t still be up until 3AM cleaning up after the party, but hey, that’s the plan, anyway!

Chicken salad, because what good Southern party is complete without it? I’ve been on an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink tear lately with my cooking, so I plan on throwing grapes and toasted pecans into the mix to make it extra-special. I’ll serve it with croissants and sliced baguette, because carbs don’t count when it’s a party.


This peach salad from Julie Blanner with honey dijon vinaigrette. This is tossed with honeyed pecans and goat cheese and has a savory/sweet dressing we love, so it’s already on the approved list.

I’ll also put together a charcuterie board and we’ll have some dips and chips/crackers set out for munching.


I’m going to attempt this cake from Seasons and Suppers. Since we’re mostly paleo, I like that this omits butter and milk. Obviously, ricotta is, well, dairy. But we do make exceptions for cheese (my kid’s favorite food group, no joke), and this cake seems like a good option for us because it’s described as light and not-too-sweet. I’m excited to try it!



Like every toddler EVER, my kid is obsessed with balloons. She’s too young to remember the first one I made her, so I’m excited to see her face when she sees ALL THE BALLOONS. I’m basing my technique on a couple YouTube videos I’ve found, but I can’t speak to the success yet, so I’ll share any fails or flops on the blog soon!


Baby’s breath is cheap and easy. I have two large cylindrical vases that I plan to turn into peach towers and top with baby’s breath for the buffet table, and for the tables, I’ll spray paint glass bottles peach and white and throw a few sprigs of the baby’s breath into them.


Most of our kiddos are boys, so I’ll set out some of our existing lawn games (Jenga, horseshoes, etc). EV’s obsessed with coloring, so I’m planning on designing a coloring sheet and setting up a table with markers and crayons as a little coloring station, too.



Peach rings, because J’s obsessed with them. EV and I aren’t big candy eaters, but this is totally his guilty pleasure. He puts them in the freezer. Isn’t that weird? Or am I the weird one for not knowing this was a thing? Anyway, we’re putting them in little bags with a cute ribbon and sweet ‘aPEACHiate you’ tags.

Am I missing anything? I feel like this is a lot more pressure than one of our regular birthdays, so I’m overthinking all the details like a typical type-A crazy lady.

Have a great Monday, friends!

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