Parenting Is The New Wild West.

Y’all. I cannot be the only one out here that birthed a sassy little princess and discovered, a few years in, that I everything I thought I knew about raising a little girl is useless and I’m kind of just winging it over here. Right? Tell me I’m not the only one. I grew upContinue reading “Parenting Is The New Wild West.”

Parenting Hacks for the Win!

Whew! Happy Monday and welcome back to the blog, if you made it through last week’s highly controversial deep dive into spiritual practices. Thanks for sticking around! I didn’t mean to ruffle feathers, but man alive. It happens whether or not you mean to, doesn’t it? Anyway, today I’m in mama mode. Specifically, clever, creativeContinue reading “Parenting Hacks for the Win!”

Organized Activities for Toddlers

We’re a month into our threes, y’all. I’m accepting prayers and moments of silence, thankyouverymuch. In all seriousness, I feel so, so blessed every single day to be EV’s mama. She’s a ray of sunshine and born nurturer, so discipline isn’t usually very difficult. As an aside, I know from experience that difficult personalities canContinue reading “Organized Activities for Toddlers”

Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!

Cue the dramatics, y’all. My baby is TURNING THREE. And my mama heart is crying a little. I swear, it happened before I even had time to finish blinking. Seasoned parents warned me about this when she was born, but nothing could prepare me for how quickly she went from my giggly, bubble-blowing, bald babyContinue reading “Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!”