Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey, friends! Happy, happy Monday! If your morning looks anything like mine, you’ve probably spent a small part of it panicking because you haven’t gotten around to creating the most life-alteringly adorable Valentine’s gifts for your kids’ classmates, right? No? Just me? I’ve told y’all before, but I feel ALL the pressure because the mamasContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Fashion Friday (7/23/21)

Happy Friday, friends! With summer in full swing, south Texas is ALL ABOUT the backyard BBQ. I mean, to be fair, we are never not about BBQ. But after all of the craziness and lockdown measures of the past year-ish, it’s safe to say that most folks around here are ready to get back toContinue reading “Fashion Friday (7/23/21)”

Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!

Cue the dramatics, y’all. My baby is TURNING THREE. And my mama heart is crying a little. I swear, it happened before I even had time to finish blinking. Seasoned parents warned me about this when she was born, but nothing could prepare me for how quickly she went from my giggly, bubble-blowing, bald babyContinue reading “Peachy Three Birthday Vibes!”

Fashion Friday (12/4/20)

Prepare yourself to hear me say ‘tis the season’ 47 times a day, y’all. Ish is REAL NOW. It’s really December, We’re really still eating like it’s the last week of November, and my twinkle lights are on ALL DAY ERRY DAY. Since it’s the most wonderful time of the year – and we’ve justContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/4/20)”