Fashion Friday (2/18/22)

Hey Friday, HEEEYY!

I’m usually super excited about Fridays (I mean, who isn’t?!) but this week, I’m on a whole ‘nother level, y’all.

This week, I’m shopping for our spring family photoshoot.

Now, let me tell you about the process this has been. I know, I’m getting all bloggy right now, but you need to know how important this is.

We’ve been trying to have family photos taken for the past 3 years. Between the pandemic, J’s travel for work, and the south Texas weather, every attempt at a professional family shoot has fallen through.

I have 3 years of photoshoot dresses in my closet right now, y’all, and I’d like to actually wear one of them. Planning matching family looks is a whole new level of stressful, so I feel justified when I say that the time has come.

I mean IYKYK.

I don’t know that there are hard and fast rules for planning family photoshoot outfits, but I’ve shared a few of my ‘guidelines’ before. If you’re new around these parts, here’s a quick recap:

  1. Mama’s dress is ALWAYS first. Pick something that YOU feel fabulous in, because you set the tone of the whole shoot. If you’re relaxed and confident, the rest of your crew is more likely to follow those cues.
  2. Go easy on the patterns – especially very small repeating patterns. I personally tend to stick with solids for myself and save the pattern for J and EV’s outfits, but as you’ll see below, that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Just be conscious of the way your patterns are captured by the camera, as some can be distorted or distracting.
  3. Coordinating palettes. There are plenty of resources online for building a complimentary palette, y’all. This isn’t rocket science, but it is something that some folks forget. Start with your dress and build a palette from that, and then dress your family in complimentary colors.
  4. Accessories matter. Not only because you’ll need to consider the terrain if your shoot is outdoors, but because little Sammy’s favorite dirt-crusted dinosaur sneaks are going to draw ALL the attention and you’re probably gonna be mad later on. Just sayin’.

SO. Let’s get to shoppin’, y’all.

Y’all, I’m never going to get over all of the fancy, floaty dresses at Lulu’s. I love the quality of their pieces for the price, and I’m rarely disappointed.

I love that this has a little fun, flirty detail without being over-the-top. And by over-the-top, I really mean ‘can’t wear a regular bra’.

Let’s be real. Mama needs all the support she can get.

I’m thinking I’d pair this dress with a lighter floral dress for EV:

Something along these lines, also frilly and floaty.

For J, I’m thinking a burgundy button down with slacks, or, if he has his way, jeans.

I absolutely love the ridiculously ruffled sleeves on this dress:

and they have a mini version available in a sweet shell pink:

But I’m not sure I’m completely sold. I like to put EV in prints (you know, for all our previous failed photo shoots) and for this, J’s shirt would be the only splash of print.

I could absolutely see him digging that, though. He is 100% a paisley wearin’ dude, so it wouldn’t take much convincing to get him into a patterned shirt in a soft, complimentary color. Maybe even white/beige.

This is a little outside the box for me, because I personally prefer to stick to solids for myself. But this gorgeous floral would look absolutely precious paired with a solid pink dress for my girl:

with J’s shirt in a solid taupe color. And, well, jeans and boots, because that’s his jam.

I haven’t fully decided which option I’m going with, but all that really means is that I haven’t decided which ones to return.

I know, I know. It’s a problem sometimes.

Happy spring shopping, friends!

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