Fashion Friday (3/24/23)

Hey, y’all! Does anyone else ever see something, research it, and find out that they’ve been living under a rock for the last several years and are probably the last person on the planet to find out about this new thing they saw? No? Just me, then? That’s how I felt when I searched boggContinue reading “Fashion Friday (3/24/23)”

Fashion Friday (3/10/23)

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you’ve had an absolutely beautiful week. We’ve been celebrating quite a bit (March is full of birthdays in our family) and will continue to celebrate throughout the month since my girl is officially *gulp* turning FIVE. Y’all. A whole hand, and she’ll remind you of it incessantly. Not that thisContinue reading “Fashion Friday (3/10/23)”

Fashion Friday (2/24/23)

Hey, friends! Anyone else live in the south and struggle with the weather this time of year? Is it going to be cold? Is it going to be hot? Is it going to be both in the same afternoon? Y’all, my HVAC system probably hates me. Today’s fashion question is aimed at my sisters livingContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/24/23)”

Fashion Friday (2/10/23)

Hey, y’all! Is anyone else a little startled at the suddenness of FEBRUARY? Like, we just had Christmas and we’re halfway through February already. I’m not ready, y’all, I’m just gonna put that out here. That’s never stopped me from shopping, though, and today I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day looks for your little ones. Well,Continue reading “Fashion Friday (2/10/23)”

Fashion Friday (1/27/23)

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! Also, today I have a burning question about saves vs. splurges. I know I’m supposed to be talking about fashion here, but I’m curious what everyone else thinks about this? I definitely pick my battles when it comes to saving vs. splurging. Many of my everyday clothing pieces come from bigContinue reading “Fashion Friday (1/27/23)”

Fashion Friday (1/13/23)

Hey, Friday, HEEEEY! I’m so glad it’s the weekend, y’all. I’m blessed to have had a decent holiday vacation (my job closes for the week between Christmas and New Year’s) but let’s just say that getting back into the groove of our routine has been… something else. You know what else is something ELSE? DressingContinue reading “Fashion Friday (1/13/23)”

Fashion Friday (12/16/22)

Happy Friday, friends! I’m getting back into the swing of working mom life over here, and with two babies and winter weather (somewhat) approaching us, the morning routine is stretching out a little more than anticipated. Or maybe I just under-anticipated my kids’ ability to derail my carefully planned routine. Sweet summer child was I.Continue reading “Fashion Friday (12/16/22)”

Fashion Friday (12/2/22)

Hey, friends! I hope your week has been short and that your weekend is filled with amazing plans. Me? I’m over here in a little bit of a panic because it’s That Time Of The Year. Parties and receptions, y’all, and as many times as I’ve talked about party dresses, this time I’m dressing aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/2/22)”

Fashion Friday (11/18/22)

Hey, Friday! Boy, am I glad to see YOU! I’m just over here clicking through 17,000 screens shopping for entirely unnecessary ‘my first thanksgiving’ outfits for sweet baby G, so if you’re not ready for that, my friend, I’d advise you to look away. I mean… Y’all. Paired with the goldenrod pants and hat? IContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/18/22)”

Fashion Friday (11/4/22)

Hey y’all! Today I’m digging up a winter fashion staple because, well, I have questions. Well, QUESTION. Are we still doing fur vests? I’m not asking on behalf of animal rights folks, because let’s be real – everything ‘fur’ I own is faux. I’m asking because this: And this: And this: Have been staples ofContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/4/22)”