Fashion Friday (6/10/22)

Hey, y’all! In case you’re wondering, I didn’t die because of swimsuit exposure, although you might be convinced otherwise from last week’s fashion Friday post. Today I’m easing back a little bit and discussing swimsuits in a much more positive way, mostly because they’re for EV. Who can be mad at a swimsuit for aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (6/10/22)”

Fashion Friday (3/4/22)

Hey, y’all! It’s FRIYAY, and that means it’s time to shop, right? I mean, at my house, that also means it’s a laundry day, but the shopping is more fun. My sweet baby girl is turning 4 soon, y’all. I literally can’t do anything about it, so I just keep shaking my head and sayingContinue reading “Fashion Friday (3/4/22)”

Fashion Friday (2/25/22)

Hey, Friday, my old friend. It’s been awhile. Some weeks feel like a much, much longer while, y’all. Mama’s tired. But I’m never too tired to shop, because, well, mama also loves retail therapy. This week I’m focusing on spring and summer essentials for my sweet girl. Let’s shop, shall we? Obviously Target always comesContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/25/22)”

Fashion Friday (2/18/22)

Hey Friday, HEEEYY! I’m usually super excited about Fridays (I mean, who isn’t?!) but this week, I’m on a whole ‘nother level, y’all. This week, I’m shopping for our spring family photoshoot. Now, let me tell you about the process this has been. I know, I’m getting all bloggy right now, but you need toContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/18/22)”

Fashion Friday (2/4/22)

Y’all. It’s a HAPPY FRIDAY around these parts. If for no other reason than I’m just glad to have made it through this week, it’s still a happy one. I’m currently fully invested in planning EV’s holiday outfits for the next several probably-not-worthy-of-an-outfit holidays. You know the ones. Valentine’s (which is a big deal inContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/4/22)”

Fashion Friday (12/3/21)

Haaaaaaaappy Friday, my friends! Weekends are obviously my favorite time of the week ALL year long, but they take a special place in my heart when it’s the holiday season and we get to bake cookies and drink hot cocoa and visit lighted Christmas displays and throw out ‘Merry Christmas’ to literally everyone we seeContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/3/21)”

Fashion Friday (10/29/21)

Happy FRIYAY, y’all! We’re headed into a holiday weekend that matters very little to me personally, since we don’t officially Halloween around here. I’m gonna be honest – my Christmas tree is already up. I’m on to bigger and better, y’all. But we’ve taken a casual approach to Halloween in our household, because the realityContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/29/21)”

Fashion Friday (8/6/21)

Happy Friday, friends! We’re on a roll this year, aren’t we? It’s August already, and for most of the mamas in the land, that means OMG, I’ve gotta get my kid some decent clothes for school! EV’s in a daycare preschool program, so summer break isn’t a thing for us. We work year-round, and she’sContinue reading “Fashion Friday (8/6/21)”

Fashion Friday (7/2/21)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, y’all! Ok, not quite, but almost. Can you believe we’re more than halfway through this year? I’m pretty sure that happened when I blinked, but I’m afraid to blink again, just in case. I know we’ve I’ve talked about my love for holiday-themed attire, especially holiday-themed outfits I can put myContinue reading “Fashion Friday (7/2/21)”

Fashion Friday (5/14/21)

Well. I don’t know about y’all’s neck of the woods, but it’s already summer around here. It’s pretty much been that way since March, if we’re honest, but that’s south Texas for you. Anyway. It’s here to stay (basically until January) so I’ve learned to embrace it. Which basically means ‘shop for it’, but itContinue reading “Fashion Friday (5/14/21)”