Fashion Friday (1/29/21)

You may not know this about me, but I absolutely, completely, totally LOVE me a good power suit. Part of my heart belongs in the 80s, with the big hair and shoulder pads.


As soon as I was old enough to choose my own clothes, I gravitated toward blazers and skirt suits.

Now that I’m old…enough, I can appreciate how hilarious and adorable I probably was at 11 years old, rocking a corporate-corner-office blazer and my crispy, crunchy, gelled-to-death 90s hair to church.

WITH the optional white pantyhose, you understand.  

If I were a better blogger, I’d dig up an old photo for you, but the way my life is set up…. You’ll have to imagine it.

Anyway, in my current job, my office wear swings wildly between jeans and a work-issued polo and ‘business attire’ when I’m being fancy or conducting tours or meetings.

You’re probably not interested in hearing about my polo, so let’s dive into some of my favorite work looks, shall we?!

{from Pinterest}

I hope with all my heart that the pencil skirt never goes out of style. Not because I care if it’s in style – I mean, I’ll still wear one until the day I die. But because then it will be hard to find them when I’m shopping in stores, and I’ll have to start changing my search terms when I’m online shopping and calling pencil skirts vintage when they really should be a FOREVER FASHION STAPLE.

But I digress.

I wear mine with French-tucked tops like the one pictured here. I wear it high-waisted with a knotted button-up. I wear it with a tank and blazer or cardigan. I wear it a million ways, but at risk of sounding a lot like a Dr. Seuss rhyme at this point, I’m going to stop and say that the pencil skirt is a total MUST HAVE for your office look.

{from Pinterest}

The skirt suit. Quintessential woman-in-charge look, right here. I can’t get enough of it, personally, and even though this particular photo looks a lot like a lady airline pilot, she looks IN CHARGE.

I don’t own one in navy blue, but now I think I need to.

I have this in black and in a creamy natural tan, and as much as I mix and match, I get some major mileage out of my pieces. These tend to be splurges for me, for that reason – it’s worth it to spend a little more for an item I’ll wear literally hundreds of ways!

{from Pinterest}

You’re not sick of hearing about paper bag trousers, right?


These are my go-to for touring our campus with prospective clients because they give me a little more freedom of movement than a skirt.

Also, stairs. We have a lot of stairs around here, and there’s not many things more uncomfortable than leading a group of folks up a grand staircase while wearing a skirt.

Basically, get you some of these, sister. You’ll thank me later.

So that’s what I’ve got rattling around in my head today, y’all. What looks are you WORKIN’ WITH this season?

See what I did there?

Happy Friday, friends!

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