Daily Affirmations

Do y’all have a daily affirmation, motivational phrase, meditation, scripture, or mantra?

Scripture reminds us that our words carry power, and I grew up feeling the weight of that promise, because its assurance comes with a side helping of personal responsibility! Speaking life and positivity (is that a word?) is absolutely vital to a healthy home and life. I know it, I believe it, and I do my best to live it every day.

When I found out EV was on her way, that edict took on a different meaning. Not only am I responsible for shaping my own life with the words I speak, I’m guiding hers now, too.

I make a conscious effort to speak affirming phrases to her daily. She is learning about a constant daily prayer walk. But she’s two years old, and sometimes it can be hard to come up with something nice to say when I’m overwhelmed and exhausted and she JUST WON’T STOP, so I turned to Pinterest. Because really, who wouldn’t, at this point?!

I found these great suggestions:


I’ve been working these into our conversations, and it’s amazing how, at two years old, she GETS IT. Not every time – sometimes she gives me a side eye and ignores the sweet little moment I’m trying to create. But when she gets it, man. She’s connected, she feels the love behind it, and she absolutely GLOWS.

I also created a little set of affirmations for her to speak to herself every day, based on these I found:


Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter in ALL THE WORLD than my two year old speaking life into her own life in the mirror each day.

I said it.

She’s at the point that she can say it on her own, and I’ll catch her in the mirror at random times, encouraging herself. And she’s used some of the phrases to encourage others, which makes my heart LITERALLY burst with joy.

That LITERAL heart bursting is actually a gross kind of analogy, but I swear it’s (almost) true. But even truer? Your words have power, and you can use them to change your life and world!

Happy Monday, friends!

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