From The Vault.

Today’s post comes straight from ‘the vault’. It was originally posted in 2008 and has been edited for relevancy and clarity, because, well, I was even wordier in 2008 than I am in 2022. I hope it speaks to you today like it did to me! “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen,Continue reading “From The Vault.”

From The Vault

Today’s post is straight from the old alohilana blog files (affectionately known around here as the vault). I find that these topics are circular in my life, and the meditations are timeless, so here we are, 14 years later, soaking in the same lessons. I hope this one speaks to you today! Have you everContinue reading “From The Vault”

From The Vault

This is another one from the vault, y’all. Edited for clarity and relevancy, but I believe in every single word I typed, just as much then as I do now! I’ll never forget the trouble, the utter lostness, the taste of ashes, the poison I’ve swallowed. I remember it all—oh, how well I remember—the feelingContinue reading “From The Vault”

Fall Bucket List 2021

Happy Monday and Happy NOVEMBER, y’all! I’m totally in my element right now, so if you see me standing under a tree, stroking the sleeve of my fluffy sweater and wearing a sappy grin, please remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business and keep it movin’. I can’t help myself. Possibly becauseContinue reading “Fall Bucket List 2021”

The Potter

Throwing it back to 2008 today, y’all. This post has been edited for clarity and relevance, but it’s still an oldie-but-goodie that deserves to be shared. So I’ve been mulling over the principle of the Potter’s wheel lately. The story of the clay and the Potter is a familiar one to most Christians, given toContinue reading “The Potter”

Now That I’m In My Late 30s…

Y’all. This Facebook post from Amy Weatherly popped up in my feed again, and let me just say that it is all the feels I’m having today. Or, you know, most of the feels. The other feels I’m addressing with a little Tiger Balm and ibuprofen. Anyway – I can’t say it better than this,Continue reading “Now That I’m In My Late 30s…”

On Being ‘Woke’

Hang on, friends. It’s about to get honest and maybe a little uncomfortable. Here’s the truth. I don’t want to be ‘woke’. Not only on Saturday mornings, but in the current cultural sense of ‘wokeness’, which, ten years ago, was just a hip way to say that you’re paying attention, but now is an entireContinue reading “On Being ‘Woke’”

God Has No Grandchildren

Happy Monday, y’all! Today I’m sharing another post from the vault; originally shared in 2008, it’s still as relevant in my walk with Jesus as it was back then. It’s been edited for clarity and relevancy to my life today, so if you read it back then, here’s your invitation to take another peek! “GodContinue reading “God Has No Grandchildren”