Fashion Friday (10/23/20)

Let’s talk about slogan shirts, y’all.

I had a mostly hate relationship with them for YEARS. I mean, if you think about it, everyone in the world is reading your chest.

Awkward, right?

Now my wardrobe is decidedly more casual, and I’ve found myself wearing them from time to time. This would feel like a capitulation if I didn’t have strict rules, though, right?

Mama ain’t here to play, y’all.

So here’s the slogan shirt rules, according to me.



This pretty lady right here is ROCKING the Chick-fil-A gear. I’m not even mad at the styling (and that hair, girl, WERK). But I cannot, will not, would not, could not wear a shirt advertising a company for which I do not work. Do I love Chick-fil-A? Truly, madly, deeply, man. Our Chick-fil-A people know us by name and face and are a literal part of our WORLD. We are DOWN with the Jesus chicken. Do I want to advertise how much I love Chick-fil-A? Nope. That’s… weird. Same goes for Starbucks and Target. Just… no. It feels a little like taking some strange pride in your own consumerism.


#humblebrag shirts. I can’t, y’all. I don’t like the hashtag mom boss/boss babe/strongest female ever shirts. I don’t like the ‘blessed by God, spoiled by my man’ slogans. That humble brag/tongue in cheek shtick is way, way worn out. The last time it was funny was probably around 1986 when ‘my other car is a Ferrari’ bumper stickers littered the back of every other Ford Fiesta.


There’s a distinct possibility that my sense of humor got left behind in the 1950s, because I’m a stickler about the propriety of what is being read across my chest. I absolutely detest t-shirts with profanity or rude phrases/pictures/inferences. It’s not cute, especially for a mama trying hard to raise wholesome little ones.

I said it.

I love a good laugh as much as the next person, but I feel very strongly about the humor that my daughter sees me indulging in; it should be something I’d be proud for her to repeat.

Ok, so let’s have it! Any other weird pet peeves about t-shirts out there?

Happy Friday!

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