Christmas Shopping, Baby!

Is it just me, or is Christmas shopping more complicated this year?

Ok, maybe it’s me. I’m still adjusting to the fact that our family grew this year, and frankly trying to ignore the fact that ALL my babies, born and loved, are in fact growing daily.

Time is a thief, y’all.

It’s been awhile since I shopped for a baby boy, though. Our family’s last baby boy is five – FIVE – and will tell you how grown up he is anytime you give him the chance.

Since the blog has been completely girl focused over the past few years, today’s post is going to be about first Christmas gifts.

Also, let’s be honest – I had my girl’s Christmas shopping done a long time ago. She’s pretty easy to please, especially if it’s pink and sparkly.

I do try to be conscious of toy excess around our house, so I prefer experiences or projects over playthings. But that’s a lot harder to do with a sweet little infant!

Here’s what I’m thinking for sweet baby G, aside from clothes, because obviously mama can’t walk by the Target baby section without swooping through:

This monstrosity is an infant’s delight, y’all. Not so much for mama’s shins, but it’s fascinating for them and great for fine motor development. We skipped this toy with EV, but I think we’ll try it out with G!

This cute little poppity turtle is perfect for G. He’s actually cool with mayhem – unlike his sister, who wailed immediately upon being startled – and I can see him enjoying this for quite awhile!

To be completely fair, this isn’t a gift for G at all. It’s absolutely for mama, and I’m literal seconds away from crying at how much I love capturing these sweet little  memories. I have a whole collection from EV’s littlest years and I treasure them.

Cue the postpartum hormones…. Now.

This is absolutely beyond our three month old at this point, but it’s something he can grow into. It’s got more than buttons – it performs a function – which I think he’ll love, if he’s anything like his big sis.

Can you ever really go wrong with a classic? I mean, yes, probably, in some contexts, but in this case, it’s a hard no way. You can’t go wrong with shape sorters for fine motor development.

Sometimes the oldies are the besties, kids, just remember that.

If y’all thought little handprints made me weepy, imagine how I feel about sharing books with my little babes? Man, y’all. EV has hundreds of books at this point and it’s still one of our favorite things to do together. We’re currently honing our letter sounds skills so baby G gets a lot of book time, too. He’s inherited a lot of baby books from his sis, but I want to build his library with books just for him, too.

That’s a wrap for today’s shopping trip, y’all. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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