Fashion Friday (12/2/22)

Hey, friends!

I hope your week has been short and that your weekend is filled with amazing plans.

Me? I’m over here in a little bit of a panic because it’s That Time Of The Year.

Parties and receptions, y’all, and as many times as I’ve talked about party dresses, this time I’m dressing a postpartum, nursing mama bod.

And it is brutal.

Ok, so nothing boosts confidence like a sparkly, sequinned dress that says ‘I’m sophisticated but also not trying too hard’.

Unless you get to the part and discover that Aunt Myrtle is wearing a similar style, which is what happened to my sister and I at a holiday party once. We understood the assignment. An old lady across the dining room understood the assignment.

We were the only ones.

Still not giving up on the sequins, y’all. Maybe it’s my southern roots, but I love some good flash for a party dress. Never mind that I wear black 99% of the time and almost never accessorize with bling.

All bets are off for a party.

This one is a little less flash and bang, y’all, and I can see it working in a variety of situations. The colors could even be spring-ish, if cocktail parties in the springtime for no good reason are your thing.

That’s enough shopping for me, folks. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

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