It’s Totally Fall, Y’all!

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m excited about today’s post! I know it won’t break records in terms of originality and wit, but who cares? It’s about some of my favorite things.

Food. It’s about food.

Which is legit one of my favorite things, I can’t lie. But pair it with the fall season, and I can become absolutely fanatical.

Y’all stop side-eyeing me about the seasonal love and read on, because today I’m sharing some of my favorite fall themed recipes and we just don’t have time for all that judging.

I found this recipe awhile back and it’s quickly become a favorite of ours. Admittedly, I’m the only one that LOVES the butternut squash part. But the chunky turkey chili is actually bomb and a total hit for us. We make this several times throughout the fall season and leftovers are never a problem.

This is an easy-to-adapt stew recipe using pumpkin as a base. I love that it’s warm and filling and easy on the cleanup crew, too.

It’s me. I’m the cleanup crew.

Stews and roasts are in constant rotation in my house in the fall, and we’ve added this one to the mix for it’s comforting, homey flavor.

This one-pan chicken dinner is my kind of jam. Full disclosure – I haven’t tried this exact recipe, but it’s on the menu this week! I’m excited because, well, ONE PAN.

This soup has ‘cozy’ in the name of it, and it absolutely lives up to that. Full of flavor and totally comforting, this one is a hit around here! We love it with crusty bread for dipping, but who am I kidding – it’s totally drinkable.

It’s that good.

This one is an absolute staple of my formative years and frankly doesn’t really require a recipe. But if you aren’t acquainted with the joy that is southern fried apples over oatmeal or pancakes or pound cake or ice cream, well, my friend, you’re missing out.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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