Fashion Friday (8/20/21)

Hey, Friday, HEY. I’ve missed you like you wouldn’t believe!

It’s time to round up some fashion LEWKS, y’all, and I’m here for it. I’m starting to put away spring and summer, but let’s be real. It’s a billion degrees still. I’m not letting go of light and comfortable just yet.

Enter the shirt dress.

I’m gonna stop right here and admit that the mere mention of a shirt dress gives me an involuntary shudder, because for most of my adult life, I’ve been a yo-yo dieter as I’ve struggled with the effects of PCOS. A shirt dress I fit into a week ago might not fit today. And by ‘not fit’, I mean gapping at every button, showing my underwear, THAT DON’T FIT, GIRL look.

I’ve learned to size up, y’all, and it’s life changing. I get that oversized isn’t everyone’s look, but you can do a lot with a size up and a cute belt. Don’t ever forget that.

Most shirt dresses come with a matching fabric belt. I’m not opposed to them – obviously they serve a purpose and in the case of this dress, absolutely compliment the look.

I’m HERE for this one. I do tend to sub out a regular belt if the fabric of the dress is softer or less structured. My waistline pulls in quite a bit in comparison to my hips and bust size, so thin, wimpy belts pretty much disappear from sight.

In other words, NOT CUTE.

Not everyone can pull off this casual, boho vibe going on here, but I love it. I mean, I look like I’m wearing a whole dang family-sized tent in billowy, unstructured dresses, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna TRY.

If your personality and frame are strong enough to carry off a whole maxidress worth of shirt dress, walk, don’t run. I’ll be the first to high five you, girl.

Um, how can you not love this look?! Or this one:

which I would absolutely dress up or down, depending on my feelings on heel height that very moment.

Of course, everything looks great online and on models, so I can’t make any guarantees for myself, or for you, or for anyone, for that matter. But both of these options are reasonably priced, so I’m absolutely going to try one.

Or two.

Or just one, but I’m not sure which one.

Or probably just two.

Happy Friday, friends!

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