Fashion Friday (5/28/21)


Today’s pretty special.

Not just because it’s Friday, and my first full day a whole year older. I wouldn’t DREAM of making a(nother) whole post about myself.

But also because it’s my sweet new niece’s due date, and we are on HIGH ALERT baby watch.


Obviously, we’ve been shopping for sweet little M since we knew she had girl parts, so there’s literally nothing that she needs more of right now. But since I’ve got baby ON THE BRAIN, this week’s fashion focus is all about postpartum mama fashion, because that’s exactly what my sister is going to be rocking for the next few months. Or years.

I’m not here to judge.


So. Speaking of judging, I know there are a lot of strong opinions about the quintessential grandma gown.

I get it, I do. Mamas love to feel sexy. Like they’re more than, well, mamas. But let’s be real – the most practical versions of a mama gown are going to have the same features. Front closure. Comfy fabric. Loose and oversized in case you order too many things from Prime and you have to actually answer your door when the mail carrier arrives.

Not that I know anything about this personally, you understand.


I grew up hearing ‘you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig’, and I think this is totally a case of that incredibly practical wisdom. You can spend a lot of money on a branded ‘nursing friendly gown’ in a cute print, or you can hit up the Walmart for a couple of these babies.

They’re cheap, they’re effective, and you won’t shed any tears if you need to toss one of them. But in all fairness, I still have one of these and my kid is three, so don’t come for me if it doesn’t get tossed.

Just sayin’.

I’m not here to tell you what kind of bra you need to be wearing, but let me just tell you, if you’re not wearing a good nursing bra when you’re recovering from pushing a human out, YOU’RE WRONG, friend.

But of course, I’m not here to judge.

Anyway, so a good nursing bra is the best thing you can do for yourself. I went with sports bra styled ones for the first couple of weeks as my chest adjusted to the very new and sometimes unpleasant task of serving as my child’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and comfort source.

Once I was, you know, situated and regulated, I found this brand to be the very best, which isn’t surprising, because it works well for me in the non-nursing variety, as well.

This is going to be controversial, but I found that I didn’t want – or need – to wear a diaper after giving birth. I wanted ALL the Tuck’s pads, don’t get me wrong – just not the bulk of all of that going on in an especially tender area.

That, coupled with a squishy empty belly, and I decided to pass on the adult diapers I’d bought in preparation for post-birth mess. I ended up using Spanx-style compression undergarments, and for me, it was the best thing I could have done.

So I know that there are heaps of mama clothes out on the market. Tops with hidden peekaboos for nursing, mom-tum friendly A-line style shirts and dresses, the whole bit.

I decided not to change my whole wardrobe after giving birth, but that was decidedly more difficult than you might expect with a greedy little nursling. Dresses? HA. Tops that don’t dip so low that I shock and stun polite society with a full view of my tatas? YEAH RIGHT.

I ended up wearing these microfiber tank tops under everything because they made it easy to pull up my shirt and nurse, while remaining covered. Because I am who I am, I also liked the compression that these tanks provided.

Also because I am who I am, I still wear these all the time.

I feel like this last point shouldn’t even be a point, because DUH. Leggings are life. Especially for a tired, cranky, sore postpartum mama.

And that’s exactly what I’m hoping my sister will turn into shortly so I can MEET MY GIRL ALREADY.

Happy Friday, friends!

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