Fashion Friday (11/6/20)

Let’s talk about bathing suits today.

Don’t give up on me, y’all.

I know I talk about it a lot, but I do live in south Texas, where the weather is actually still perfect for taking a swim right up until about January.

But that’s not why I’m going off the deep end today.

See what I did there?

Actually, right now is when I check out bathing suits for next summer, based on the crazy good discounts you can get on swimwear.

See? Not so crazy shopping for swimwear in November NOW, am I?

It’s ok. You can totally think I’m crazy, but I’m gonna be the mom with the $5 swimsuit, just remember that!

I’m a modest person at all sizes, so I like a full coverage look. I also like that full-coverage means I can wrangle my kid AND our bags and never flash my personal bits at anyone. I do so admire the mamas out there in their bikinis, rocking it out and looking great doing it. I’m just not that mama. My bits don’t rock in a bikini. They just sort of… wobble.

That being said, let’s dive into some of the styles I’m eyeing for next year!

(Sorry, I can’t help myself with the swim puns today).


Ok. Let’s get one thing clear. I absolutely believe in loving the body you’re in and dressing in a way that reflects that. So while I wholeheartedly believe anyone and everyone can wear a bikini, I’m also realistic about my own body in a bikini.

And I know that this body isn’t working with a hiphugging number from the Target. It’s just not the way my mama tummy is built. These bottoms are some of my favorites; they cover everything and they’re super smoothing. They’re cut in a vintage shape, which makes me feel cool enough to hang out at the pool with the other moms and pass it off as quirky and not just me, in shapewear.


They’re on sale, so now’s the time, folks. I’ve paired mine with all sorts of random bikini tops. I’ve got one from Target, one from Amazon, and one from Walmart, and they all do the trick. Because these suckers rise so high, I can feel more comfortable in a variety of tops than I would if my whole tummy was hanging out for the world to see!


This one is adorable. I was bummed to find out it doesn’t come in my size, but it’s super cheap, so almost worth it just to try!


This one is a lounging suit, and I rarely have the luxury of doing that at the pool. But it’s super fun, super flirty, and super cheap. If lounging at the pool is in your wheelhouse, THIS SUIT SHOULD BE, TOO.


A high waist and a tall top are my favorite combinations for curvy gals. This one is cheap enough to buy in a couple of colors and mix and match!

Ok, y’all. Give it to me straight. Does anyone else shop off season to find bargains?

Happy Friday!

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