Fashion Friday (10/2/20)

Deep breaths.

Ok, y’all.

How do we feel about……

Biker shorts?


They’ve been a big deal this year, worn with everything from crop tops to oversized t-shirts.

You might imagine where I would fall on the continuum of barely clothed to fully covered. Right over there underneath the blanket, that’s me.

It’s still warm here in south Texas, so we’re wearing a curious mix of summer and fall. I have a couple of sweaters I could rock with biker shorts, but in my mind’s eye, these puppies were made for aerobics classes in the 80s, not for somewhat-cool moms in little podunk towns. But Pinterest almost has me convinced.

What do you think? Fashion yay, or nay?

Happy Friday, friends!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday (10/2/20)

  1. I think yay! I’d love to be able to rock it! I see such cute outfit ideas on Pinterest and wish I had the confidence!

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