Happy 2023, Peeps!

Whoa. 2023, y’all.

I hope you’ve been making beautiful memories with your loved ones. Maybe eating too many leftovers, maybe watching snow-filled Hallmark movies on your couch with wild abandon, but filled with the joy that the holidays bring.

Over the last few months, our lives have transitioned dramatically with the arrival of our newest family member, sweet baby G. I’m grateful for every second, but also, I’m whelmed almost every second, too.

I’ve intentionally slowed down the posts around here to be able to juggle parenting two babies, working full time, and managing a household with a hubby on the road, and the next few months around here will be no different.

I’m still juggling, y’all, and I have SO much to talk about, but SO little time to type it all!

Keep checking in, friends. It’s an honor and joy to meet each week to chat, even if it’s sometimes more of a one-sided monologue.

Only SOMETIMES, you understand.

I’m looking forward to increasing content around here, but in the meantime, I hope and pray that the content here continues to speak to your heart and that you stick it out during this wild, crazy adventure of life.

After all, we’re friends here.

Happy, happy new year, friends. Wishing you all the very best that 2023 has to offer!

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