Fashion Friday (12/16/22)

Happy Friday, friends! I’m getting back into the swing of working mom life over here, and with two babies and winter weather (somewhat) approaching us, the morning routine is stretching out a little more than anticipated. Or maybe I just under-anticipated my kids’ ability to derail my carefully planned routine. Sweet summer child was I.Continue reading “Fashion Friday (12/16/22)”

Fashion Friday (10/7/22)

Hey, friends! It’s Friyay! It’s also not even remotely cool over here, so I’m holding out on my cute boots out of sheer self preservation. I’m past the point of sweltering in fall clothes when it’s 90 outside, y’all. All the way past all that. It’s time for me to stock up on winter essentialsContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/7/22)”

Fashion Friday (2/11/22)

Y’all. We’re officially here. We’re in those weird days of winter, where in coastal south Texas, you don’t know if you’ll get a blizzard or a 90 degree afternoon. You might get both, tbh, and all in the same week. I mean, let’s not get it twisted – most of us are still really gladContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/11/22)”

Fashion Friday (1/14/22)

Ok, y’all. Honest question. Are we… Are we still wearing buffalo plaid? Like, I know that it’s still marginally stylish. It’s not that. I mean, are we still wearing it even though it’s after Christmas? Maybe I’m just being weird. Probably I’m just being weird. But somehow in my head, buffalo plaid has become intrinsicallyContinue reading “Fashion Friday (1/14/22)”

Fashion Friday (10/15/21)

Hey, Friday! I’ve been waiting all week for you. With October in full swing, I’m already looking ahead to Christmas and winter and all things holiday. I know, I know. CRAZY TALK. But I’ve passed out Halloween candy for years with a fully-decorated Christmas tree in my living room and not one single kid hasContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/15/21)”