Summer Eats

Well, we’re officially in the thick of it, as the old timers like to say. Summer is here, and the heat waves are starting to roll off the asphalt and mess with my blinded eyes. I should stop here and remind myself that I’m truly grateful for the gift of life, the love I shareContinue reading “Summer Eats”

The Whole (30) Enchilada

Happy Monday, y’all! Anybody out there s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n’ with their New Year’s diet? I’m midway through my annual round of Whole30, and the biggest challenge for me lately has been quick and easy meals. Winter weather (which, in south Texas, means anything within 20 degrees of freezing temperatures) always makes me want to wrap myself inContinue reading “The Whole (30) Enchilada”

That Whole Flippin’ 30

I’ve shared that I struggle with the effects of PCOS, particularly with my weight and the insulin resistance side of the disease, so today I’m sharing how I’ve adapted to a lazy paleo lifestyle. I started my journey with a round of Whole30. It’s essentially an elimination program, and I would be lying if IContinue reading “That Whole Flippin’ 30”