Fashion Friday (10/1/21)

Hey, October, HEEYYY! I know I wax poetic about the changing seasons way too early and too much. I know this about myself, and if you’ve been reading awhile, you know it too. But surely NOW y’all are ready to join me in this, right? I mean, it’s OCTOBER! I can almost imagine a coolContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/1/21)”

Fashion Friday (8/27/21)

Y’all. I have been horrified – HORRIFIED – at some of the shoes I’ve seen over the last year or two. I’m right there at the age of ‘everything I remember is cool again’ but, you know, I also remember when it became incredibly uncool and OMG who would still wear that? I mean, forContinue reading “Fashion Friday (8/27/21)”

Fashion Friday (4/23/21)

Ok, y’all. Deep breath. Some fashion topics are MUCH more controversial than others, so I feel like I need to talk real fast to get through them. That’s how I feel about wide-legged pants. We’ve been skating the edge of the wide-legged trend for awhile with palazzo pants, and paperbag-waisted, loose fitting slacks, and maybeContinue reading “Fashion Friday (4/23/21)”

Fashion Friday (2/19/21)

Cheers to the weekend, y’all! It’s been a long week and I am a thousand percent ready to spend some time with my girl in the morning. There’s been promise of pancakes, and even though they’re made of felt and served by a two-year-old, you can’t make me say no. I’m in the market forContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/19/21)”