Working Out… With Your Kid

Happy Monday, y’all! We’re right in the middle of what can only be considered the dog days of winter. Some folks might be dreaming of summer sunshine, but there are equally passionate people who stubbornly insist that winter should stick around forever because sweaters and snuggling are LIFE. Hi there, hello, you can just callContinue reading “Working Out… With Your Kid”

Sunshine Words

Hey, y’all. It’s Monday, so let’s kick it off with a running start, shall we? Almost a year ago, EV and I started a little daily routine we call ‘sunshine words’. It began partly because of TikTok, I’m not gonna lie. We happened on the lalaandkindcafe channel and absolutely loved watching strangers’ faces transform becauseContinue reading “Sunshine Words”

Fall Bucket List 2021

Happy Monday and Happy NOVEMBER, y’all! I’m totally in my element right now, so if you see me standing under a tree, stroking the sleeve of my fluffy sweater and wearing a sappy grin, please remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business and keep it movin’. I can’t help myself. Possibly becauseContinue reading “Fall Bucket List 2021”

Reading With Toddlers

Anybody else a bibliophile? I am a BIG TIME book nerd, y’all. I grew up with no tv or computer, so my options for entertainment were limited to playing outside or reading books. Y’all already know how I feel about the summer heat around here, so you can bet I was inside in front ofContinue reading “Reading With Toddlers”

Let’s Talk Mommy Cars!

Let me start by acknowledging that I GET IT. There is nothing sexy about a mommy car. And for someone who likes the smooth lines of a sweet ride, that’s a jagged little pill to swallow. I do. I really do get it. I KNOW that my land barge, loaded to the hilt with carContinue reading “Let’s Talk Mommy Cars!”

Fashion Friday (3/26/21)

Fun Friday fact; today marks exactly 3 years since my daughter’s original due date. She came on her own terms a week before she was due, and she’s been living her little life the same way. She’s got her OWN THANG going. Anyway, she’s not yet at an age where she gets to pick herContinue reading “Fashion Friday (3/26/21)”

The Essentials: Planning a Family Photoshoot

Happy Monday, friends! I’m still over here, just chasing down a million possible combinations for the most perfect, most epic, color coordinated family photo shoot. Try not to get sucked into the madness, y’all, you’ll be obsessing FOR DAYS. Anyway, true to my nature, I’ve also been rummaging around Pinterest trying to find advice andContinue reading “The Essentials: Planning a Family Photoshoot”

Fashion Friday (11/20/20)

Ok, y’all. We’re fully into the fall and winter wear swing now, so let’s talk about outerwear! Our climate is definitely on the warmer side. It’s really, really rare that we even get to freezing temperatures. Last year, I think we saw the 20s (Fahrenheit) maybe 2-3 times all season long. The humidity from theContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/20/20)”

Traveling With Toddlers

Ok. So Friday we talked about comfy travel clothes (and a little about my not-neurotic germophobe tendencies). But today we’re going a little further and talking about the guts and glory of traveling with a toddler. I spent years of my life traveling the US, living out of a suitcase and seeing various places aroundContinue reading “Traveling With Toddlers”