Get A Move On.

Hey, y’all! Are we literally flying through this year now, or what? I’m just trying to catch my breath, but tbh, that’s how I live most of my life, so I shouldn’t act like this is something new. Today, I’m popping in to talk about something that everyone dreads. It’s not taxes. Moving. Packing. Unpacking.Continue reading “Get A Move On.”

Parenting Is The New Wild West.

Y’all. I cannot be the only one out here that birthed a sassy little princess and discovered, a few years in, that I everything I thought I knew about raising a little girl is useless and I’m kind of just winging it over here. Right? Tell me I’m not the only one. I grew upContinue reading “Parenting Is The New Wild West.”

Fashion Friday (4/30/21)

We made it to the weekend, y’all! This may sound like an exaggeration (it probably is) but I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO READY. Usually, I like to take Fridays to focus on one trend or type of outfit, but I thought it was time we talked about shopping STRATEGY, which, if you’re a bargain shopperContinue reading “Fashion Friday (4/30/21)”