XOXO, Fashion Friday.

Hey, yo, Friday! I don’t know about y’all, but I am READY. I feel like I need several weeks to recover when I work a 6-day workweek, which sounds ridiculously puny of me. My apologies to all of you beautiful people working a 6- or 7-day workweek. Y’all are some bad mamma jammas. Since we’veContinue reading “XOXO, Fashion Friday.”

Fashion Friday (3/18/22)

Y’all. Let’s talk about something. I know, we talked more and shopped less last week. But I need to know. Does anyone else out there kind of think that open-toe booties look strange? Like… If you’re going to wear an open shoe, why not open it up all the way? Conversely, if you need aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (3/18/22)”

Fashion Friday (8/27/21)

Y’all. I have been horrified – HORRIFIED – at some of the shoes I’ve seen over the last year or two. I’m right there at the age of ‘everything I remember is cool again’ but, you know, I also remember when it became incredibly uncool and OMG who would still wear that? I mean, forContinue reading “Fashion Friday (8/27/21)”

Fashion Friday (7/16/21)

Y’all. I don’t know who made this gif of me RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT, but the accuracy is startling. It’s hot, and there’s no fashion (except maybe swimsuit fashion) that is appropriate for temperatures like this. I just want to be naked in front of a fan, honestly. Since that kind of fashion wouldContinue reading “Fashion Friday (7/16/21)”

Fashion Friday – 4/16/21

Cheers to the weekend, y’all! It’s Friday and I am suddenly FULL OF ENERGY. Unlike Tuesday afternoons when I’m wondering how the week could have possibly been this long. So today we’re going to discuss, at great length, the perfect flip flop, or at least, the hunt for and in the interest of total honesty,Continue reading “Fashion Friday – 4/16/21”

An Ode To Flip-Flops.

We’re time traveling today, y’all! One of the most popular posts on the old alohilana blog was ‘the flip flop post’, so today, we’re digging into the vault. Originally posted in 2008 – she’s been updated, but she’s classic ME, so it’s her time to shine. And yes, I still hang onto flip flops. SomeContinue reading “An Ode To Flip-Flops.”

Fashion Friday (12/18/20)

Who here has come across the perfect heel? Show of hands, DON’T BE SHY. No, really, don’t be shy, because I’m still over here on that journey. I’ve nailed the perfect summer heel: These puppies are less than $30, from Target, no less, and I reach for them ALL. THE. TIME. They are SO comfortable.Continue reading “Fashion Friday (12/18/20)”

Fashion Friday (11/13/20)

So after last week’s fashion post, I feel like I need to redeem myself a little so I’m not out here looking CRAZY. I’m not wearing a bikini in the snow or anything, y’all, it’s just a little bargain hunting. For swimwear. In November. Anyway, today I’m totally focusing on essential boots for the modernContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/13/20)”