Fashion Friday (2/4/22)

Y’all. It’s a HAPPY FRIDAY around these parts. If for no other reason than I’m just glad to have made it through this week, it’s still a happy one. I’m currently fully invested in planning EV’s holiday outfits for the next several probably-not-worthy-of-an-outfit holidays. You know the ones. Valentine’s (which is a big deal inContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/4/22)”

Working Out… With Your Kid

Happy Monday, y’all! We’re right in the middle of what can only be considered the dog days of winter. Some folks might be dreaming of summer sunshine, but there are equally passionate people who stubbornly insist that winter should stick around forever because sweaters and snuggling are LIFE. Hi there, hello, you can just callContinue reading “Working Out… With Your Kid”