Issa Party, Issa Party… Until It’s Not?

HEY, y’all! As middle aged mamas, how are we handling birthdays for ourselves these days? Asking for myself, y’all, because there’s no way I can pretend that I’m not firmly in the ‘middle aged’ category, staring down 40 like it’s a fine-print book and I have misplaced my readers. In all reality, birthday celebrations whenContinue reading “Issa Party, Issa Party… Until It’s Not?”

My Girl Is 4!

Hey y’all, HEYYYY! It’s Monday and that means, well, it’s time to crank out another week of excellence, obvs. Today I’m struggling a little with my big mama emotions, though, y’all. My sweet little girl is 4 this month, and I’m absolutely reeling in devastation over how quickly it all happened. I know, I KNOW,Continue reading “My Girl Is 4!”

Traveling With Toddlers

Ok. So Friday we talked about comfy travel clothes (and a little about my not-neurotic germophobe tendencies). But today we’re going a little further and talking about the guts and glory of traveling with a toddler. I spent years of my life traveling the US, living out of a suitcase and seeing various places aroundContinue reading “Traveling With Toddlers”