Parenting Is The New Wild West.

Y’all. I cannot be the only one out here that birthed a sassy little princess and discovered, a few years in, that I everything I thought I knew about raising a little girl is useless and I’m kind of just winging it over here. Right? Tell me I’m not the only one. I grew upContinue reading “Parenting Is The New Wild West.”

Fostering Friendships in the Mama Years

Hey, friend! Hope you’re having a spectacular Monday! I’m staring down an insanely busy week and honestly just hoping I keep it all together until I get through it. Which is probably how I could describe my approach to a lot of things in life. I’m just out here wingin’ it like everyone else, y’all.Continue reading “Fostering Friendships in the Mama Years”

Sunshine Words

Hey, y’all. It’s Monday, so let’s kick it off with a running start, shall we? Almost a year ago, EV and I started a little daily routine we call ‘sunshine words’. It began partly because of TikTok, I’m not gonna lie. We happened on the lalaandkindcafe channel and absolutely loved watching strangers’ faces transform becauseContinue reading “Sunshine Words”

The Middle

Hey, friends! Thanks for checking in today. I didn’t exactly know how to start this post out today, because I’m nothing if not awkward and mildly inappropriate so it’s hard to say if my introductions are really the right approach. But. BUT. I’ve been thinking (and talking) a lot about these weird middle aged yearsContinue reading “The Middle”

Fashion Friday (6/18/21)

Happy Fri-YAY, y’all! I’m just over here smack in the middle of a heatstroke, waiting to pull out my pumpkin spice and sweaters, dreaming of temperatures below actual FIRES OF HADES. And not being a bit dramatic about it all, either. I’m between sizes again, so I’m doing a little shopping for more summer clothesContinue reading “Fashion Friday (6/18/21)”

Fashion Friday (5/14/21)

Well. I don’t know about y’all’s neck of the woods, but it’s already summer around here. It’s pretty much been that way since March, if we’re honest, but that’s south Texas for you. Anyway. It’s here to stay (basically until January) so I’ve learned to embrace it. Which basically means ‘shop for it’, but itContinue reading “Fashion Friday (5/14/21)”

Fashion Friday (12/11/20)

Ok, y’all. We’re taking off in a different direction here. It’s time to talk about the mama uniform, aka LOUNGEWEAR. Being the properly raised southern gal that I am, loungewear is still a little foreign to me. ‘A little foreign’ might be an understatement. When I was being raised, my mama wouldn’t have let meContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/11/20)”

Fashion Friday (10/23/20)

Let’s talk about slogan shirts, y’all. I had a mostly hate relationship with them for YEARS. I mean, if you think about it, everyone in the world is reading your chest. Awkward, right? Now my wardrobe is decidedly more casual, and I’ve found myself wearing them from time to time. This would feel like aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/23/20)”