Fall Bucket List 2021

Happy Monday and Happy NOVEMBER, y’all! I’m totally in my element right now, so if you see me standing under a tree, stroking the sleeve of my fluffy sweater and wearing a sappy grin, please remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business and keep it movin’. I can’t help myself. Possibly becauseContinue reading “Fall Bucket List 2021”

Fashion Friday (10/29/21)

Happy FRIYAY, y’all! We’re headed into a holiday weekend that matters very little to me personally, since we don’t officially Halloween around here. I’m gonna be honest – my Christmas tree is already up. I’m on to bigger and better, y’all. But we’ve taken a casual approach to Halloween in our household, because the realityContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/29/21)”

Fashion Friday (7/2/21)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, y’all! Ok, not quite, but almost. Can you believe we’re more than halfway through this year? I’m pretty sure that happened when I blinked, but I’m afraid to blink again, just in case. I know we’ve I’ve talked about my love for holiday-themed attire, especially holiday-themed outfits I can put myContinue reading “Fashion Friday (7/2/21)”

Fashion Friday (5/14/21)

Well. I don’t know about y’all’s neck of the woods, but it’s already summer around here. It’s pretty much been that way since March, if we’re honest, but that’s south Texas for you. Anyway. It’s here to stay (basically until January) so I’ve learned to embrace it. Which basically means ‘shop for it’, but itContinue reading “Fashion Friday (5/14/21)”

Organized Activities for Toddlers

We’re a month into our threes, y’all. I’m accepting prayers and moments of silence, thankyouverymuch. In all seriousness, I feel so, so blessed every single day to be EV’s mama. She’s a ray of sunshine and born nurturer, so discipline isn’t usually very difficult. As an aside, I know from experience that difficult personalities canContinue reading “Organized Activities for Toddlers”