Get A Move On.

Hey, y’all! Are we literally flying through this year now, or what? I’m just trying to catch my breath, but tbh, that’s how I live most of my life, so I shouldn’t act like this is something new. Today, I’m popping in to talk about something that everyone dreads. It’s not taxes. Moving. Packing. Unpacking.Continue reading “Get A Move On.”

Spring it UP.

Hey, yo, Monday, you came around QUICK! I hope you had an amazing weekend and stopped to sniff the roses and not the ragweed, which apparently LOVES the climate here in coastal south Texas. Got our allergies KICKIN’, y’all. Anyway, no sniffly nose is keeping me from this week’s project – updating my décor forContinue reading “Spring it UP.”

Keepin’ It Clean – ADHD Style

Happy Monday, friends! How’s your February going? Is it trying to be spring there, too? Because warm weather keeps cropping its head up around here, and I, for one, am not okay with that. I’m ok with springtime and all its newness and fresh promises, really. I just wish we could hang onto sweaters andContinue reading “Keepin’ It Clean – ADHD Style”

House Hunting!

Ok, y’all. I thought that I’d reached the ultimate test of our relationship when furniture shopping with J. I’m mostly kidding, but also OMG, the conversations we held in the furniture store as we debated shape and fabric was a trial and tribulation if there ever was one. We still haven’t pulled the trigger, ifContinue reading “House Hunting!”

Spring Decoratin’

I know this is going to sound crazy, but y’all, spring kind of makes me sad. It’s like reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder, I guess, but I’m positively morose when we ‘spring forward’ our clocks. You know what that means in south Texas? It means we’re rolling on up to the season of mosquitoes and temperaturesContinue reading “Spring Decoratin’”

Kickin’ Butt, Takin’ Names

A couple of weeks ago, I talked a lot about day planners and getting stuff done. Typed a lot? Ok, fine. Rambled a lot. One of the questions that I’ve gotten since that post is ‘how do you manage your schedule?’. I’m no life coach, y’all, but I can talk about organizing your life ALLContinue reading “Kickin’ Butt, Takin’ Names”

Happy Fall, Y’all!

I’m going to just jump right in here and say that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. I mean, most people do, but I really, really love the holidays. Like, I decorated for fall at the end of July. My Christmas decorations are up by Halloween. I REALLY LOVE THEM, y’all. As extreme (and early) as myContinue reading “Happy Fall, Y’all!”