On Grieving in the Middle of Seasonal Joy

Most of the time, it’s a dull ache tucked into the back of your heart. There are moments, though, that it’s a searing, blazing pain every bit as breathtaking as the day it entered your life. Grief is powerful. It sweeps in when you’re not expecting it, when it doesn’t even make sense to beContinue reading “On Grieving in the Middle of Seasonal Joy”

Fashion Friday (2/5/21)

It’s that time of year, y’all. The season of made-up holidays. Not that I personally mind, you understand. I’m down to celebrate any and everything. But even a party-plannin’ fool like me knows that this stretch of the year is all about wringing the most money out of folks. Valentine’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day? NotContinue reading “Fashion Friday (2/5/21)”

That Mid-Vacation Food Coma

Y’all. I have eaten my weight in candied pecans this week. I’m currently wearing the comfiest pair of fat pants I own and throwing a full-on side eye at my real clothes, but I know reckoning is coming. Not yet, though. I’m not back to work yet, and we still have one more big holidayContinue reading “That Mid-Vacation Food Coma”

Holiday UNguide, Edition 2020

Y’all. I AM IN HOG HEAVEN. I don’t even know what that means, but I live in the south, where half of the sayings don’t make sense. But it’s HERE. December is just a day away. We’re still snacking on Thanksgiving leftovers and avoiding mopping and real effort and just soaking in all of thisContinue reading “Holiday UNguide, Edition 2020”