Fashion Friday (2/10/23)

Hey, y’all! Is anyone else a little startled at the suddenness of FEBRUARY? Like, we just had Christmas and we’re halfway through February already. I’m not ready, y’all, I’m just gonna put that out here. That’s never stopped me from shopping, though, and today I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day looks for your little ones. Well,Continue reading “Fashion Friday (2/10/23)”

Fashion Friday (12/2/22)

Hey, friends! I hope your week has been short and that your weekend is filled with amazing plans. Me? I’m over here in a little bit of a panic because it’s That Time Of The Year. Parties and receptions, y’all, and as many times as I’ve talked about party dresses, this time I’m dressing aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/2/22)”

Fashion Friday (11/18/22)

Hey, Friday! Boy, am I glad to see YOU! I’m just over here clicking through 17,000 screens shopping for entirely unnecessary ‘my first thanksgiving’ outfits for sweet baby G, so if you’re not ready for that, my friend, I’d advise you to look away. I mean… Y’all. Paired with the goldenrod pants and hat? IContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/18/22)”

Fashion Friday (1/14/22)

Ok, y’all. Honest question. Are we… Are we still wearing buffalo plaid? Like, I know that it’s still marginally stylish. It’s not that. I mean, are we still wearing it even though it’s after Christmas? Maybe I’m just being weird. Probably I’m just being weird. But somehow in my head, buffalo plaid has become intrinsicallyContinue reading “Fashion Friday (1/14/22)”

Fashion Friday (11/19/21)

Hey y’all! How’s that holiday to-do list coming along for you? Me, I’m over here elbow deep in controlled panic. I’ll be working through next Wednesday – you know, the day before Thanksgiving – so I’ve been planning every prep step for weeks now. But enough about that. Let’s talk about the fact that oneContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/19/21)”

Fashion Friday (10/29/21)

Happy FRIYAY, y’all! We’re headed into a holiday weekend that matters very little to me personally, since we don’t officially Halloween around here. I’m gonna be honest – my Christmas tree is already up. I’m on to bigger and better, y’all. But we’ve taken a casual approach to Halloween in our household, because the realityContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/29/21)”

Fashion Friday (7/2/21)

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, y’all! Ok, not quite, but almost. Can you believe we’re more than halfway through this year? I’m pretty sure that happened when I blinked, but I’m afraid to blink again, just in case. I know we’ve I’ve talked about my love for holiday-themed attire, especially holiday-themed outfits I can put myContinue reading “Fashion Friday (7/2/21)”