Fashion Friday (12/11/20)

Ok, y’all. We’re taking off in a different direction here. It’s time to talk about the mama uniform, aka LOUNGEWEAR. Being the properly raised southern gal that I am, loungewear is still a little foreign to me. ‘A little foreign’ might be an understatement. When I was being raised, my mama wouldn’t have let meContinue reading “Fashion Friday (12/11/20)”

Fashion Friday (10/23/20)

Let’s talk about slogan shirts, y’all. I had a mostly hate relationship with them for YEARS. I mean, if you think about it, everyone in the world is reading your chest. Awkward, right? Now my wardrobe is decidedly more casual, and I’ve found myself wearing them from time to time. This would feel like aContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/23/20)”