Parenting – On Different Pages

Hey, y’all! Welcome back to the craziness that is the blog. I’m glad you’re here! Awhile back, I talked about some tough truths for parents and briefly alluded to co-parenting challenges. This has been an ongoing challenge for us as a family, and as precious and special as I believe my family to be, IContinue reading “Parenting – On Different Pages”


Hey, y’all! How’s your Monday going? Me? Oh, I’m just hanging on by the frayed ends of my rope. Livin’ the dream, my friends. 😉 Today I’m diving into a topic that can be difficult – and incredibly personal. But in the interest of (over)sharing my whole dang life here at the blog, I feelContinue reading “Infertility.”

Parenting Is The New Wild West.

Y’all. I cannot be the only one out here that birthed a sassy little princess and discovered, a few years in, that I everything I thought I knew about raising a little girl is useless and I’m kind of just winging it over here. Right? Tell me I’m not the only one. I grew upContinue reading “Parenting Is The New Wild West.”