Fashion Friday (2/10/23)

Hey, y’all! Is anyone else a little startled at the suddenness of FEBRUARY? Like, we just had Christmas and we’re halfway through February already. I’m not ready, y’all, I’m just gonna put that out here. That’s never stopped me from shopping, though, and today I’m sharing some Valentine’s Day looks for your little ones. Well,Continue reading “Fashion Friday (2/10/23)”

Fashion Friday (12/16/22)

Happy Friday, friends! I’m getting back into the swing of working mom life over here, and with two babies and winter weather (somewhat) approaching us, the morning routine is stretching out a little more than anticipated. Or maybe I just under-anticipated my kids’ ability to derail my carefully planned routine. Sweet summer child was I.Continue reading “Fashion Friday (12/16/22)”

Fashion Friday (11/18/22)

Hey, Friday! Boy, am I glad to see YOU! I’m just over here clicking through 17,000 screens shopping for entirely unnecessary ‘my first thanksgiving’ outfits for sweet baby G, so if you’re not ready for that, my friend, I’d advise you to look away. I mean… Y’all. Paired with the goldenrod pants and hat? IContinue reading “Fashion Friday (11/18/22)”

Fashion Friday (9/23/22)

Hey, Friday! Nice of you to show your face around the ‘hood! Today I’m pulling a classic mommy move, y’all. I’m completely ignoring the fact that my fashion sense has taken a nosedive since becoming a mommy of two. I’m skipping over the fact that nothing fits and everything still hurts and I honestly justContinue reading “Fashion Friday (9/23/22)”