Adulting, Date Night Edition

Happy hot-and-sticky-OMG-I’m-gonna-melt Monday, y’all! I hope you’re bursting into this week with glorious ambition and purpose and light and love. Me, I’m shimmying into my Monday kind of like everything I’m wearing is stuck to my ever-lovin’ skin, if I’m honest. But I’m here, y’all. Some days that’s the best I’ve got. ANYWAY. J andContinue reading “Adulting, Date Night Edition”

Organized Activities for Toddlers

We’re a month into our threes, y’all. I’m accepting prayers and moments of silence, thankyouverymuch. In all seriousness, I feel so, so blessed every single day to be EV’s mama. She’s a ray of sunshine and born nurturer, so discipline isn’t usually very difficult. As an aside, I know from experience that difficult personalities canContinue reading “Organized Activities for Toddlers”