Adulting, Date Night Edition

Happy hot-and-sticky-OMG-I’m-gonna-melt Monday, y’all! I hope you’re bursting into this week with glorious ambition and purpose and light and love. Me, I’m shimmying into my Monday kind of like everything I’m wearing is stuck to my ever-lovin’ skin, if I’m honest. But I’m here, y’all. Some days that’s the best I’ve got. ANYWAY. J andContinue reading “Adulting, Date Night Edition”

Let’s Talk Mommy Cars!

Let me start by acknowledging that I GET IT. There is nothing sexy about a mommy car. And for someone who likes the smooth lines of a sweet ride, that’s a jagged little pill to swallow. I do. I really do get it. I KNOW that my land barge, loaded to the hilt with carContinue reading “Let’s Talk Mommy Cars!”

Where In The World?

Where in the world are you trying to go? This question is usually aimed at my toddler when she’s reaching for the door handle in mismatched shoes, a princess crown, a parka, a cape, and an overnight bag, but today, it’s for YOU, my favorite people in all of the internets. All because I’ve beenContinue reading “Where In The World?”

An Ode To Flip-Flops.

We’re time traveling today, y’all! One of the most popular posts on the old alohilana blog was ‘the flip flop post’, so today, we’re digging into the vault. Originally posted in 2008 – she’s been updated, but she’s classic ME, so it’s her time to shine. And yes, I still hang onto flip flops. SomeContinue reading “An Ode To Flip-Flops.”

Traveling With Toddlers

Ok. So Friday we talked about comfy travel clothes (and a little about my not-neurotic germophobe tendencies). But today we’re going a little further and talking about the guts and glory of traveling with a toddler. I spent years of my life traveling the US, living out of a suitcase and seeing various places aroundContinue reading “Traveling With Toddlers”

Fashion Friday (10/16/20)

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for REAL FALL WEATHER. We’re hitting our first ‘cold snap’ today, but in south Texas, that means ‘under 70 degrees’. With a forecasted high in the 90s over the next few days, so, you know, REAL FALL. Since I can’t be fussed to think about all theContinue reading “Fashion Friday (10/16/20)”