Christianity and Plastic Surgery

Ohhh, y’all. Do I ever have something to talk about today! Before we go any further, let me lay the blame for this subject entirely at the beginning of a pretty lengthy conversation I had recently. Not that the blame doesn’t rightfully belong to this brain of mine that won’t stop spinning around random subjectsContinue reading “Christianity and Plastic Surgery”

Just Can’t Live Without You…

Hey y’all! Am I the only one that just blinked and the weekend was over? I’m losing track of this year, mostly because it’s whirling by so quickly I can’t keep up. I’m too old for keeping up, y’all. Mama’s tired. Considering the whirlwind that is time passing and, well, honestly, the state of myContinue reading “Just Can’t Live Without You…”

It’s Totally Fall, Y’all!

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited about today’s post! I know it won’t break records in terms of originality and wit, but who cares? It’s about some of my favorite things. Food. It’s about food. Which is legit one of my favorite things, I can’t lie. But pair it with the fall season, and I canContinue reading “It’s Totally Fall, Y’all!”

Grown Up Skincare

I’m in all my feels when it comes to the state of my skin, y’all. Most of those feels are regrets for the years I feel like I didn’t fully appreciate all the collagen production just HAPPENING. And now? Well, now my skin is in its mid-30s, and it’s tired of putting up with me.Continue reading “Grown Up Skincare”

The Middle

Hey, friends! Thanks for checking in today. I didn’t exactly know how to start this post out today, because I’m nothing if not awkward and mildly inappropriate so it’s hard to say if my introductions are really the right approach. But. BUT. I’ve been thinking (and talking) a lot about these weird middle aged yearsContinue reading “The Middle”

Infertility and Loss

It was during a road trip, late one evening. I was headed home from an out-of-town visit with my sister. Like every normal person, we detoured at an open gas station, fully intending to buy $50 worth of junk food that we’d never normally eat, because ROAD TRIP, right? I’d been uncomfortable all day, soContinue reading “Infertility and Loss”

Summer Eatin’

Hey y’all! I don’t know if it’s because it’s a billion degrees outside, or because I’ve been working my tail off at the gym, but today I woke up with ALL THE ENERGY. Which is great, because, let’s face it, Mondays are hard enough without adding exhaustion to the mix. I’m trying to get overContinue reading “Summer Eatin’”

Miraculous Mornings

Do you have a morning routine? I’m naturally a night owl, so waking up before the dew evaporated from the grass was completely foreign to me until fairly recently in my adult life. Like.. It literally rains a little every morning?!? I spent the early years of my adult life just kind of tug-of-warring itContinue reading “Miraculous Mornings”

Goal Gettin’

Ok, y’all. We’re on a roll this year when it comes to productivity, right? Right?! I’m (clearly) passionate about this stuff, so it was easy to run headlong into the meat and potatoes of step-by-step accomplishments. Or, you know, GOAL CRUSHING. Because that’s what we’re really doing here. But the truth is, this is highlyContinue reading “Goal Gettin’”

Comfort Food Season

We’re smack dab in the middle of eatin’ season, y’all. The weather isn’t really COLD, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s cooler than it has been for the last eleventy-hundred years (a slight exaggeration of the length of south Texan summers). Obviously, nature is telling me to prepare for hibernation, so I’m pullingContinue reading “Comfort Food Season”