High on Christmas

If you were thinking to yourself ‘self, this girl is probably literally high on Christmas spirit right now’, you would NOT be wrong. That’s ‘Christmas spirit’, y’all, not spirits. I’m not opposed in theory, but your girl is one unfortunate margarita incident past my drinkin’ days, y’all. So I’m in my element right now, andContinue reading “High on Christmas”

Thanksgiving Cookin’ (and a FREE Printable Menu)

Ok, y’all. I know I said I’m basking in the season – and I am, TRULY. But I wouldn’t be true to myself if I wasn’t also organizing and categorizing and planning every detail. I appointed myself the official guardian of The Menu for all of our family holidays many years ago, and if IContinue reading “Thanksgiving Cookin’ (and a FREE Printable Menu)”

Fall Bucket List 2021

Happy Monday and Happy NOVEMBER, y’all! I’m totally in my element right now, so if you see me standing under a tree, stroking the sleeve of my fluffy sweater and wearing a sappy grin, please remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business and keep it movin’. I can’t help myself. Possibly becauseContinue reading “Fall Bucket List 2021”

It’s Totally Fall, Y’all!

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited about today’s post! I know it won’t break records in terms of originality and wit, but who cares? It’s about some of my favorite things. Food. It’s about food. Which is legit one of my favorite things, I can’t lie. But pair it with the fall season, and I canContinue reading “It’s Totally Fall, Y’all!”

Summer Eatin’

Hey y’all! I don’t know if it’s because it’s a billion degrees outside, or because I’ve been working my tail off at the gym, but today I woke up with ALL THE ENERGY. Which is great, because, let’s face it, Mondays are hard enough without adding exhaustion to the mix. I’m trying to get overContinue reading “Summer Eatin’”

Weird and Wonderful Groceries!

What did we do before curbside grocery pickup, y’all? I know that grocery delivery was a thing WAY before the advent of superstores and big, huge shopping trips with overflowing carts and harried moms swatting little hands away from all the tempting displays. I mean, I wasn’t personally PRESENT during that era, but there’s aContinue reading “Weird and Wonderful Groceries!”

The Whole (30) Enchilada

Happy Monday, y’all! Anybody out there s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n’ with their New Year’s diet? I’m midway through my annual round of Whole30, and the biggest challenge for me lately has been quick and easy meals. Winter weather (which, in south Texas, means anything within 20 degrees of freezing temperatures) always makes me want to wrap myself inContinue reading “The Whole (30) Enchilada”

Holiday Baking – Paleo Style

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’ve fallen off the wagon a time or two over the past couple of weeks. I’m a foodie at heart, and my love of all things sugared, cheesy, or carby – or all of the above – is never going to go away. But I committed to this lifeContinue reading “Holiday Baking – Paleo Style”

Comfort Food Season

We’re smack dab in the middle of eatin’ season, y’all. The weather isn’t really COLD, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s cooler than it has been for the last eleventy-hundred years (a slight exaggeration of the length of south Texan summers). Obviously, nature is telling me to prepare for hibernation, so I’m pullingContinue reading “Comfort Food Season”