Fashion Friday (1/13/23)

Hey, Friday, HEEEEY!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend, y’all. I’m blessed to have had a decent holiday vacation (my job closes for the week between Christmas and New Year’s) but let’s just say that getting back into the groove of our routine has been… something else.

You know what else is something ELSE?

Dressing my postpartum, nursing mama bod for winter, that’s what else.

It’s only a stage in the journey, so I’m trying to be creative with my wardrobe right now; I’m not buying a whole new one for such a short timeframe, and, well, I’m also not able to wear much of my old one.

Also, there’s the whole matter of pumping at work and nursing on demand with my little guy, so dresses are pretty much not happening for me right now.

As much as I loathe the thought of making actual purchases to cover my sizeable expansions at the moment, I also want to honor my body for the miracles God has allowed it to support and I’m thankful to get the opportunity to share this time with my babes. So I’m trying, y’all. I’m balancing as much as a crazy, stressed out mama can balance, and I’m giving myself grace.

I’m also giving myself plenty of layers, because honoring my body doesn’t mean I’m thrilled at my progress. Let’s just be real honest about that, ok?

Here’s some of the looks I’ve been favoring for this season of my life:

Something about a structured top makes me feel more put together, but the last thing I want is something tight across my middle area. These postpartum mama options are a good example of a basic outfit for me right now. All the flowy, none of the fitted.

Kimonos are, like, my bestie right now. Lighter than a cardigan and voluminous enough to fold over my kid when he’s nursing = total win.

I’ll be wearing these year-round while nursing, tbh.

Again with the structured tops, but I’m actually repurposing ones I have on hand…. Just, you know, not buttoning them.

Tank tops for the win, friends.

For meeting days at the office, I love a good cropped jacket and flowy tank or top. I invested in some basics (cropped denim, cropped faux leather, and cropped blazer) and interchange them constantly.

What about y’all? Anyone out there layering it up and covering up the mama tummy right now?

Have a great weekend, friends!

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