It’s nearing the most wonderful time of the year, y’all. I know you can’t tell by the blazing hot temperatures most days, but I’m just over here pretending that it’s nigh on to a winter wonderland up in here, tbh.

Y’all let me be, ok?

Anyway, Halloween is kind of the gateway into the holiday season. As a Christian, it’s not a holiday I promote or condone. We tend to minimize celebration of the day overall, but we also have a preschooler who attends a wonderful program with sweet teachers who celebrate ALL THE THINGS.

And sweet parents who are on board and also celebrate ALL THE THINGS. Which means goodie bags for every occasion, y’all. Even this one.

I’m not going to make my 4-year-old understand the complexity of Christians celebrating pagan holidays. I’ve come to terms with the fact that we can absolutely still have fun with giving gifts and celebrating the changing weather and coming holiday season without giving way to darker festivities.

So that leaves me scrambling this week to come up with Halloween goodie bags for EV to take to school that aren’t, well, creepy.

Witches brooms and wizard toes aren’t happening. Last year I lucked out and found a 50-count box of individual slime containers for $6, which was perfect for ‘wishing you a fun and slimy day’, but I wasn’t so lucky this year.

Probably had parents sending up a prayer request that I didn’t do that again this year, so it might be their fault.

Here’s what I’m feeling for this year’s school goodies:

Turning this into an evangelism opportunity might seem like a little much, but her preschool is operated by a church, soooo…. I like the idea of pairing this with a couple of pieces of candy and small toys in a little bag.

This is simple and straightforward and requires no gathering of multiple items to make the world’s best goodie bag. I’m kind of about this, y’all. One and done.

I’m ehh with the ghost – I’d probably replace with a pumpkin or something more ‘fall’ and less ‘spook’ – but I like that this is simple and can work for goodie bags either large or small – which is honestly where ours fall on the spectrum.

What do y’all think? Anyone have any amazing ideas for celebrating?

Hope you have a wonderful week, friends!

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