Fashion Friday (10/24/22)

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY, y’all! We made it through another week, so if you aren’t already celebrating because it’s Friday, go on ahead and celebrate that!

This week I’m doing ALL the costume shopping for my littles. It’s the first year I’ve got two to dress up, and tbh, I’m taking full advantage of that and only looking for costumes that go together.

As an aside, I’m very upfront around the blog about my feelings on Halloween in general, so please know that this is not me supporting the celebration of darkness and spooky creepy crawlies. This is me with a preschooler who will, for better or worse, be included in multiple activities needing a costume.

And also me with a sweet little babe who has no say in how I dress him. Yet.

That means sibling sets, y’all. All of them. But make them actually, you know, achievable for a busy and exhausted mama.

It’s me. I’m that mama.

Moana and Pua, which is adorable because baby G is a total piggy right now – he’s growing like a weed and those rolls are coming out in full effect!

EV’s already got this Moana costume, so I like this idea even more.

Another easy-to-execute costume set for us, because EV’s got an entire lineup of princess dresses. A princess and a frog is an adorable idea for my munchkins, mostly because EV’s already convinced that she is an actual princess.

But also because the thought of my little guy in this cute little frog outfit is enough to make my heart squeeze.


This costume is a mama-and-baby look, but I have absolutely zero interest in dressing up, myself. I can see EV as a scuba diver and G as a shark or octopus or even a fish, so this one is also super doable for us.

Someday my kids are going to make fun of me for this, but I don’t even care.


Have a great weekend, friends!

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