Fashion Friday (10/7/22)

Hey, friends!

It’s Friyay!

It’s also not even remotely cool over here, so I’m holding out on my cute boots out of sheer self preservation. I’m past the point of sweltering in fall clothes when it’s 90 outside, y’all.

All the way past all that.

It’s time for me to stock up on winter essentials for my girl, though. We’ve simplified her wardrobe a lot over the past year as she’s grown into an independent preschooler less inclined to be patient with all of mama’s extra-ness. She’s got a definite style, even though it’s carefully edited by me.

That’s still my right, y’all. I birthed that child, I get to dress her for a little longer. I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

But I’ll also draw the line at making her miserable, so her winter essentials this year are pretty easy (and budget friendly, thanks to Target):

Ok, y’all. We’re back with these magical jeggings from Target, because our girl is so dang PICKY and only barely tolerates these.

Nothing else, you understand. Not the cute little ripped jeans. Not the adorable patched jeans. Not even the ruffle bottoms.


They’re $8 a pair, so I’m loading up this year and not even bothering with the others. It’ll just be a fight, y’all, and I’m picking my battles right now.

Cue another throwback, y’all, but these dresses are another firm YES for our girl. She’s not big on sleeves in general, but at some point we come to an understanding. Usually about the time that she realizes it’s actually cold outside and she likes cold even less than she likes sleeves.

No one ever said opinions had to make sense, I guess, and she’s got some strong, conflicting opinions when it comes to the necessity of coverage for warmth.

Hardly newsworthy, I know, but EV’s completely outgrown the winter coat we’ve used for the last two years. Honestly, they’re so rarely needed around here that we could probably go another several years if not for the fact that our girl is tall, like top-of-the-growth-charts tall, and half of her arms stick out at the bottom of her sleeves.

I usually shop Sam’s Club for her winter coats because they’re by far the best price, but Target comes in a close second if we can’t find a print that works for us.

And that’s all for today, friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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